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Superegg Gentle Cleanser and Sound Renewal Moisturizer Review

I have been enjoying discovering all the new women and BIPOC owned brands that have hit the market recently. Each has something truly special that sets it apart from the sea of bland skincare at big box stores, that X factor that makes you visit the brand site to make a purchase or learn more about the brand.

Superegg is one of them. Erica Choi is the founder and a NY licensed esthetician. Find her here on Instagram, you will instantly see her inspiration behind this minimalist brand centered around the egg.

I am really enjoying this Sound Renewal moisturizer. I compromised my skin barrier last week and everything I was using was burning my skin to the point my eyes teared up. Except for this moisturizer, which immediately calmed my skin down. I’ve really been into simple but effective calming moisturizers and enjoying this one so far.

The cleanser is another gem. It is a very lightly fragranced cream-based cleanser, gentle and low foaming.

Both are so elegantly formulated, you can tell that an esthetician was behind development.

Getting back to the brand story, each product is inspired by ingredients found in an egg, which is a superfood used in Chinese skincare preparations since 600 AD. Superegg incorporates vegan alternatives that mimic the egg. Products are vegan and cruelty-free.

I like that the brand also has a focus on sustainability. Packaging materials are almost entirely recyclable, and they are continuing to develop sustainable options to reduce the environmental footprint. Superegg is committed to donating at least 1% of sales to environmental causes. Products are made in Korea.

I can’t wait to see what else Superegg releases in 2021.

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