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Pixi Beauty Palettes - Review and Swatches

Happy weekend, friends!

Pixi Beauty is a drugstore brand that you’ve probably seen all over social media. It is a midrange makeup and skincare brand, with products in the $15 to $30 category. I’ve purchased a variety of products myself and received press samples, and I wanted to give you my thoughts on the products and the brand as a whole.

First, let’s take a look at the latest press samples I received from Pixi Beauty. I have dark tan to dark skin, my best foundation matches are Fenty 310/330 (winter/summer shades), and Maybelline in 332 Golden Caramel. I have darker Indian skin tone, so it leans more warm and tans easily.

The first set is face palettes, below are the swatches of Honey Nectar and Sugar Blossom in various lighting.

The next set is eyeshadow swatches are Rosette Ray and Hazelnut Haze.

Onto my review, I am a bit disappointed in the performance of these palettes. I could use the highlighters (although some look a little too icy) and the blush shades but the bronzer shades did not show up on my skin tone. The eyeshadows swatched very well, but my brushes had a hard time picking up the products and I had to really dig with my fingers to get the shimmers applied to my eyes, even with primer. I got a very subtle look from these.

Overall, if I’m going to be wearing eyeshadow, I wouldn’t personally grab these as my first choice, I would however gift these to a new makeup wearer, they are cute and it’s hard to mess up a look. And, the shades are tempting, wouldn’t you agree?

As far as the brand itself, I like that it is accessible and available at retailers like Target. The price point isn’t too bad, and if it doesn’t work for you, it’s easy to return.

With Pixi Beauty, it is important to take your skin tone into consideration, unfortunately. For color products, I think the brand could release more pigmented products for easier application. I’d like to see the brand do more tutorials on Instagram and YouTube, and not rely solely on content creators to create this content for its customers. Overall, I do like the brand and think they do a good job of bringing quality products to the drugstore. I do feel like it is about 50/50 hit or miss, the reason is that they carry such a huge variety of products that not everything can work for everyone.

That’s all for now! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

All are PR samples, thank you Pixi Beauty.