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EM Cosmetics - Serum Blushes Swatches

Hi friends!

I finally tried the Serum Blushes from EM Cosmetics, which is Michelle Phan’s makeup brand. I purchased two in Soft Amethyst (wearing this in the video) and Sunset Sky.

These claim to be “a lightweight, yet luxurious serum is formulated with skinloving ingredients to provide a youthful, dewy glow with each and every drop.”

I am a little torn on these blushes. I love the soft wash of color they provide on the skin, and the dewy finish. You can layer it for more color. It’s unlike any other blush I have, and it is unique. They look very beautiful on, especially over a skin tint or on bare skin. It is a nice watercolor effect. Check it out here, I’m wearing soft amethyst in the second slide.

Here are the arm swatches (I am dark, dark tan warm skin tone, Fenty 310 is the best match for me), Sunset Sky is closer to the wrist and Soft Amethyst is below it:

EM Cosmetics Soft Amethyst Sunset Sky swatch dark skin

Here it is a little blended out.

EM Cosmetics Soft Amethyst and Sunset Sky swatch dark skin

There are a few cons, and things you should be aware of, especially since they retail for $24. I feel like the swatches online are misleading for darker skin tones, I don’t think the blushes appear as pigmented as they do on the darker model. I do think this blush line could benefit from two formulas - a regular and high intensity versions. I suppose you could get it really layered on bit layering several times makes it a bit too dewy and I find myself constantly removing hair stuck to my cheeks. One layer leaves a nice dewy finish, but every layer on top leaves the face a bit tacky and your hair will constantly get stuck on it.

Second, there is a huge packaging flaw. They are dropper type blushes but the dropper hardly works on either blush I have. It needs to be redesigned ASAP, you can’t even get a full drop out. And, the dropper wand is wobbly on both blushes. It’s so frustrating to use.

While I actually really like these, I would think twice before getting more. I think there are better options out there for pigmented skin, especially at this price point. I would love these to be repackaged at the very least.