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E.L.F. - Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Hi friends! Hope you are having an amazing week.

I've been using Eyes Lips Face, AKA ELF Cosmetics, for YEARS. My first purchase was when they launched in the late 2000s.

Since then, ELF has released makeup and skincare at all midrange price points, starting with $1 and up. I used to adore so many of their products, but I slowly stopped using them as I got into more luxury makeup. Recently, I bought some of their new releases and got my hands on some skincare products as well.

The first of these products are the Bite Size Eyeshadow Palettes, which are color-coordinated quads with a mix of shimmers and mattes. I bought the palettes in Berry Bad, Pumpkin Pie, and Hot Jalapeño.

These are very pigmented, easy to use shadows. I had no issues using a brush to apply both the mattes and shimmers. I was able to create both subtle looks and bold looks with these. I really like how easy they are to use. You can't mess it up because the shades are already curated for you.

Here are one-swipe swatches on dark tan/ medium dark skin of Pumpkin Pie, Hot Jalapeno, and Berry Bad.

Check out the swatch video for Hot Jalapeño here and Pumpkin Spice here.

The only con is the packaging, it is not the best. But, it is practical and gets the job done. I prefer transparent packaging so I can see the shadows inside, so these accomplish that. And, it is very small without a lot of extra wasted space, which makes these great to stick in makeup bags or travel bags.

These retail for $3, I bought them for 40% off at $1.80. ELF usually runs a lot of great sales throughout the year, so I don't mind waiting. The only caveat is the shades might be sold out when there is a sale.

I would recommend these for all types of shadow wearers, from beginner to advanced. I am so pleasantly surprised by these, and glad ELF is keeping makeup affordable while delivering quality shadows with great payoff.

I purchased all products.