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DermaE Hydration Line Review

Happy New Year, friends! Wishing you peace and abundance in 2021.

My skincare has become way more streamlined and effective since I incorporated a prescription retinoid into my routine. Aside from a basic moisturizer and SPF, I am really not using much else. The retinoid causes dryness, sensitivity, and irritation periodically. Recently, I upped my tretinoin prescription to .05%, leading to more sensitivity. Hydrating and calming products have been key.

The DermaE hydration line has been a perfect supportive line for this issue. They sent over the whole line, and I continue to be pleased with these simple but effective products.

Collection of Derma E products and review
DermaE Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Products

First, let’s talk about the Hydrating Day Cream and Hydrating Night Cream:

The Day Cream is a bit lighter in consistency than the Night Cream, but they both perform pretty much the same. It’ll come down to preference about texture on these products. They work very well to hydrate the skin, and perfect for sensitized skin. I don’t think you need both products, pick based on if you like a thicker or lightweight texture.

Next, the hydration boosters that are unique and the perfect companion to layer under the moisturizers when your skin is feeling extra dry or dehydrated:

The Alkaline Hydrating Facial is my favorite! The texture is very unique - little hydrating booster gel balls suspended in a gel formula that layers over your moisturizer. As you apply it, these balls break to deliver even more hydration. You do have to practice moderation, and avoid an oil based moisturizer, or this sleeping mask can pill or feel gummy. Otherwise, I really enjoy this, it’s a sensory pleasure.

The eye gel and booster drops are also nice, but not must haves. These are great for daytime application for extra hydration under heavier products. If you have really dry or flaky skin, these are not going to do much. If you have oily skin and just need a little boost, these might be a good option. For me, they feel nice but not enough to support my retinoid use. I have to layer on some Vaseline for undereye to seal it all in, otherwise, I have extreme dryness and irritation from any retinoid accidentally getting too close to that area.

I continue to enjoy discovering DermaE. I love the price points and accessibility, you can also find them on sale at various times of the year. I think they are a great option for anyone, there are a variety of lines to choose from. Let me know if you’ve tried the line!

These products are PR samples.