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Derma-E Anti-Aging Line

Easy Anti-Aging Routine With Vitamin A and Glycolic Acid

As much as I enjoy putting together a customized skincare routine based on targeted skincare concerns, I love it when brands release a no-nonsense, easy routine. The Anti-Wrinkle line from Derma-E is one such line.

I've had good experiences with Derma-E, having used several products over the years. Derma-E is a "clean skincare" brand that has lines based on skin care concerns, most products are under $30. Derma-E is GMO free, cruelty free, 100% vegan, glluten free, soy free, recyclable, and manufacturing uses wind energy.

It is also easy to find, you can buy at Ulta, Amazon, or directly from the Derma-E website. I love the wide range of products that are simple to use.

Back to the Anti-Aging line, I received five products from Derma-E: Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser ($13.75), Anti-Wrinkle Scrub ($13.75), Anti-Aging Restorative Serum ($21.95), Anti-Aging Restorative Day Cream ($29.50), and Anti-Aging Restorative Night Cream ($29.50).

This line incorporates Glycolic Acid and Vitamin A to help with anti-aging, smoothing, and brightening. Some of the products, like the day cream, also have Vitamin C and E, and anti-oxidants.

Before reading the below, consider the following: I do not have wrinkles or fine lines, and therefore cannot tell you how these products improve those skin conditions. I can speak on how these products worked for hyperpigmentation/dullness and how they made my skin feel, and general experience.

Here is a breakdown of my thoughts on each product:

  1. Cleanser: A clear, low foaming cleanser that is a great second cleanse or a morning cleanse. It doesn't leave the skin stripped, and my skin feels nicely cleansed. I don't like to rely on this alone for removing makeup, at the very least you should cleanse the skin twice to remove all makeup. This preps the skin well for skincare. It has a light fragrance, and a really good buy for the price.

  2. Scrub: This is a creamy scrub that uses chemical and physical exfoliation (it has apricot seed particles). It leaves the skin really smooth, and it was easy to wash off. I did not find the scrub too harsh, but this may not be great for someone with sensitive skin. I liked this, it is not too abrasive but apricot scrubs are generally demonized for causing micro-tears in the skin. So, as with all products, patch test first to see how this performs for you.

  3. Serum: This is a lightweight serum that contains a boost of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Glycolic Acid. This is the heavy hitter, if you are considering anything in this line, I would recommend this serum (and one of the creams below). The texture is really nice and sinks into the skin well. It made a difference in the overall brightness of my skin within a few days of nightly use. My skin looked more refined and healthy the next morning, and it is non-irritating. It might take longer to see results, but my skin isn't peeling or irritated in the process. You can use this twice a day (use a high SPF sunscreen!). I started with once a day and will be moving to twice a day shortly.

  4. Day Cream: This lightweight "day" moisturizer contains Vitamin C, E, and antioxidants. It is formulated with Astaxanthin, which is 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals, and Pycnogenol®, which is is 50 times more potent than Vitamin E in fighting free radical damage. I love this moisturizer, it is so good. The texture is perfect for the day - it is lightweight and layers well over serums, and creates a great base for makeup. I am very impressed for the price point, and like that it contains Vitamin C to complement the other actives in this line.

It is called a day cream, but I can use this at night as well since I have normal/leaning dry skin. It virtually has no fragrance (slight citrusy scent), and leaves the skin feeling supple. I wish this came in a pump, but it is not a deal breaker for me at $30 for a multi-tasking cream.

  1. Night Cream: This is the more moisturizing, thicker sister to the day cream. It has all the ingredients and functions of the day cream, except it is more moisturizing. If you have drier skin, this is a better choice than the day cream. My recommendation would be to pick between the two creams based on skin type, rather than the time of application of the products.

You must use a good, high SPF sunscreen if using these products, as they contain Vitamin A.

I can see this routine lasting three months of daily use. Although you can use the entire routine together, these products also mix well with other products in my skincare collection. I didn't experience pilling or balling up, or any strange texture issues when combined with other products.

If you are looking for straightforward, easily accessible options in the $15 to $30 price range, Derma-E has some beautifully formulated products.

PR samples, thank you Derma-E.

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