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Caudalie's New Resveratrol Line

Caudalie is one of the few skincare brands at Sephora that I absolutely adore, and it has the added benefit of obtaining the Clean at Sephora label. I've had a chance to try a few of their products across various lines, and I can say that the formulas are robust and a pleasure to use. These aren't white labelled, repackaged skincare that is more prevalent in the market these days. Caudalie's formulas are researched, tested, and often patented. This Resveratrol line is no different, it is based on a Harvard University patent that is twice as effective as non-prescription retinol.

On days I don't use my prescription retinoid, I like to use some form of anti-aging component to support my skin. These three products from the line have done just that, and have made my off-retinoid days simple while supporting skin healing. I cleanse with a gentle cleanser, pop on the serum and eye cream, and finish off with the rich, creamy moisturizer.

The Resveratrol-Lift serum is a medium consistency, lightweight serum that lifts, smooths, and firms. It sinks into the skin very well, and layers perfectly over any hydrating toner. Out of my daily serums, this is becoming a quick favorite.

The texture of this Resveratrol-Lift moisturizer is thick, and it seals in everything you apply underneath. It is not greasy but leaves a nice glow to the skin. And, you wake up with supple, smooth, and soft skin.

Lastly, while I don't feel like you necessarily need this Resveratrol-Lift eye gel, it does round out the experience of using this skincare line. It is indeed gel-like, but thick enough to moisturize the eye area. If you have lines and need more targeted treatment, this is another product to look into to add to your skincare routine.

Caudalie’s commitment to sustainability is also commendable. The packaging is recyclable and functional. Even the shipping materials used and inserts are recyclable or in the case of card inserts, biodegradable with seeds that sprout into plants when planted into the ground. These extra touches continue to make Caudalie a favorite in my routine.

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