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Biolumin-C from Dermalogica for Hyperpigmentation on Brown Skin

Hi friends!

I have a really exciting product for hyperpigmentation that I've been using recently.

You may know that I’ve been struggling with acne, congestion, and irritation since early October. I finally got the acne and congestion under control after a month and a half, leaving me with a lot of hyperpigmentation.

Whenever I have something like this pop up, there are a few products I turn to for treatment and recovery. I've been on a prescription retinoid, it irritates my skin quite a bit. So, I also pair it with a hydrating, calming toner and a lightweight moisturizer. Whenever you use any actives, sunscreen is a must so I use one of my Kbeauty staples in the morning.

I am very prone to hyperpigmentation, and so, I also use chemical exfoliants regularly. My absolute favorites are the Dr. Dennis Gross extra strength 2-step peel pads (in-depth review coming later). I also use a Vitamin C serum, typically in the morning after I have used the peel pads.

Dermologica sent over some products for me to try, namely the Biolumin-C serum, which is a Vitamin C based serum, read about it here (I won't bore you with the details). When I started this serum, I decreased my prescription retinoid use to 2 times a week to decrease irritation. I also used the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads about twice a week on nights I wasn't using the retinoid, and used this serum in the morning after. The other products in my skincare routine were a simple moisturizer, calming toner, and SPF.

For the early part of November for two weeks, I was using another Vitamin C serum without too much luck with the same routine. Then, I switched to the Biolumin-C serum because I wasn't too impressed with that serum. Here are my before (right) and after (left). The right shot was taken on November 22, 2020 in my bathroom artificial light, and the left was taken on November 29, 2020 in the same lighting. There was no other source of light like daylight.

I am really pleased with the results in such a short period of time. Since I also use the peel pads and retinoid, I’m not going to fully attribute the improvement to the Biolumin-C, but it has definitely helped when compared to the other Vitamin C serum that I was using. I’m excited to continue use, I think the combination of skincare I'm using is really helping with healing my skin and speeding up the resolution of hyperpigmentation from acne and congestion that I've had since early October.

The serum layers really well with other products, such as moisturizers, sunscreen, other hydrating serums. This is a great product and has worked very well for my skin so far. It hasn't irritated my skin, caused redness, or more breakouts.

I’ve used a few Dermalogica products over the years. As far as the other products sent, I only have used two. The sunscreen is dark skin-friendly, it disappears onto the skin and is moisturizing. The micro exfoliant is a powder enzymatic cleanser that does a great job gently exfoliating the skin. I’ll do an update with the remaining products, but right now, I'm limiting the new products I am introducing into my skincare routine.

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